The Show Must Go On - Show Girls Book #1

After a freak accident changed her whole life, a guilt-stricken girl put as much distance as she could between her hometown and herself. Now, over a decade later, she must find the courage to return home and face the music.

Ever since her thirtieth birthday, Jenna’s been battling a bad case of the blahs. Hoping to shake up her life, Jenna agrees to take the lead role in a theatrical production pitched as Annie meets Fifty Shades of Grey. However, by the time tech week rolls around, it’s clear that “Dirty Annie” is a disaster.

Then, Jenna receives life-changing news . . .

Everyone has that one ex they can’t forget. But for Jenna it’s different. Her ex, Danny, has been in a coma for twelve years. Now he’s awake—and asking for her. The only problem is, the very thought of seeing Danny again gives her a panic attack.

Jenna’s determined to ignore her conscience . . . until Danny’s younger brother, Will, arrives on her doorstep. He insists on escorting her across the country, back to Buffalo, New York—and Danny’s bedside. Even as Jenna and Will heatedly debate if she’ll stay or if she’ll go, an inconvenient attraction sparks between them.

As her life further unravels and opening night rapidly approaches, Jenna will have to finally make peace with her past and learn that “The Show Must Go On” is a phrase that can apply to more than just the stage.

For fans of Sally Thorne, Penny Reid, and Alessandra Torre—this hilarious romantic comedy will give you all the feels.