FIRE & FLOOD: Mount Olympus Academy Book 1

Gods, monsters, and magic school. Class will never be the same.

Revenge. That's why I decided to join the assassination class at Mount Olympus Academy. A monster killed my father and grandmother - and I'm going to make them pay.

But first I have to learn how.

I'm Edie. Once I was just a normal girl with asthma and a bad back. Now, though, I'm at a school taught by Greek gods. My classmates are vampires, witches, and shifters. We're all training to fight in the war between the gods and monsters.

There's also...Val. He's a vampire, but he's different from the others. Plus, he's got secrets too.

I get secrets. The wings that sprout from my back were hidden from me my entire life. I also sometimes breathe fire. But no one - including me - can figure out what I fully shift into. Honestly...a part of me doesn't want to know.

But if I'm going to avenge my family, I need to figure it out before I flunk out.


PILLAGE & PLAGUE: Mount Olympus Academy Book 2

Summer school sucks.

It's summer term at Mount Olympus Academy, and it's definitely getting hot in here - even for a dragon-shifter like me.

My best friend is being held by the monsters. My crush, Val, just brought his fiancée back to campus with him. And my first mission was a big fat fail.

But there is a silver lining. His name is Nico, a one-eyed werewolf who's been tortured by the monsters and has a major alpha thing going on.

His mother, though, is a real piece of work. Maddox Tralano wants more killing, more bloodshed, and less monsters in the world. Her searing, charismatic speeches have MOA students ready to follow her into battle.

The drumbeat of war is growing louder, soon everyone will be forced to fight for their lives. Because when gods and monsters battle it out - there is no middle ground.

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WITHER & WOUND: Mount Olympus Academy Book 3

I've turned traitor and spy. By the end of this, someone big is gonna die.

I hope it's not me.

In the unending war with the monsters, the gods now want the students to be more than just soldiers – they're demanding personal bodyguards too. Apparently, a prophecy surfaced about Mr. Zee dying by the hands of his own bloodline and he's scared.

A nice, old fashioned death match is the gods' idea of a good time. But after the interspecies tensions on campus during summer semester, turning students against each other again is obviously a bad idea.

Still, I'm doing my best to win the biggest prize - bodyguard to Mr. Zee himself. Once there, I'll be able to gain intel that could end the war between the monsters and gods - once and for all.

My time at Mount Olympus Academy is coming to an end. The only question is, whether I'll exit the gates dead or alive.